We are one

How a brand partnership resulted in two family companies becoming one, making it the most successful building materials brand in Europe.

Signs of growth

When the two companies in Wopfing and Wietersdorf joined forces in 1988, all the signs pointed towards growth. The newly born Baumit brand had two fathers. As Friedrich Schmid so aptly remarked, "We are a modern family". The aim of the "family merger" was growth. They wanted to work together to exploit synergies and cooperate in the areas of marketing, research and development. And that's how the new brand was launched, in keeping with the motto "Without risk, nothing happens, but nothing happens without risk". It then expanded, first into Central and Eastern Europe, and later as far as Asia.

Everything under one roof

Together you are always stronger. Bringing together all the building material activities under one roof means around 30 companies in 27 countries working together in an even closer alliance than before. For companies that operate internationally, this means that they have a single building material supplier wherever they go, with a close network of locations across Europe, fast delivery times and even more advice.

A focus on people

Every investment that Baumit makes is a direct or indirect investment in people. This is also clear from recent events. "In the coming weeks and months, we will, of course, also be working to integrate our 650 new employees and partners from 10 countries into the Baumit family, and we greatly value their previous achievements. We are keen to consolidate and expand our presence in Europe", said Robert Schmid, CEO of Baumit Beteiligungen GmbH.

Leaders in Europe

Baumit is the best-known and most successful building material brand in Europe. There is hardly a construction site where you are not greeted by the distinctive Baumit logo. More than 1,000 dry mortar silos under one umbrella brand are the most visible advertisement for a successful company. And this presence also provides security and creates trust among customers and partners.

Continued growth

This is how the company wants to move forward into the future, doing what Baumit does best: researching, developing, producing top quality materials and growing; making even better use of synergies, combining all its activities under one roof, and continuing to grow with each challenge.