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Color Series A: Return to Objectivity

The seemingly simple quite often conceals the greater values. When white and shadow tones create sublime legends. The "new classics" of the second decade of the 21st century have become hype: sophisticated, elegant, aesthetically pleasing with an eternal appeal.

Emotive white nuances in chalk, marble and lime tones, as well as intricately drafted, precious mist tones and nocturnal cool and full-moon tones. The whole range offers the perfect recipe for an excellent façade credo.

The colour scale comprising eighteen nuances contains, similar to a microcosm, a compact creative field. A palette to sweep you away! For the villa by the sea – gifted with poetry. The luxury ensemble in Hamburg, Vienna, Paris or Karlovy Vary, Barcelona and Zurich greet you in luxuriant, soft euphuistic modesty.

Return to Objectivity

Structures such as stone and sand and colours from nature. Organic and inorganic colours form the basis of our visual experiences. That applies to all tones that can be found between black and white and in all the colours of the rainbow. The colours and materials harmonise with each other, irrespective of their original architectural era; whether new, future-orientated or traditional.

The tones possess the genes of an eternal modernity.
The majority of the shades are based in their authentic homeland, reflecting their geographical, wildlife and floral origins. Paint raw materials have originated from crude oil or coal for years. Organic admixtures made from plant materials or animal raw materials are rarely used today. The truly interesting façades are those which, after decades - sometimes even centuries - can tell stories about the time they have experienced. When, despite the dazzling sunshine, hail, frost, rain and storms they protected the façades with a patinated elegance.

Jade & White


They can communicate without the use of words. Their simplicity is impressive with cool elegance and comfortable severity.


A puristic ideal scenario – succinct, pure and beautiful.

0015 Wax White, 0014 Cloud Grey, 0935 Mud Grey, 0933 Agate Grey, 0018 Ceramic White, 0017 Sheet White, 0939 Zinc White, 0016 Old White, 0449 Enamel White, 0889 Turquoise White, 0979 Tirolean White, 1029 Birch White, 0441 Brown-Black, 0423 Liquorice Brown, 0425 Smoke Grey, 0446 Pebble Grey, 0972 Greenish Grey, 0937 Silicate White