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Color Series B: Authentic Functionality

THE COLOURISTIC DECLARATION requires a range of applications from cool white through to blackish-brown. Appealing to durability and featuring utility factors such as function and reason. This authentic colour range is based on a variety of the most varied of time flows and construction styles. On the one hand, the range is marked by dry brown and steel grey nuances, accompanied by light tin through to pale lilac greys; on the other hand, the style of flawless frost-flower tones.

In contemporary and historical architecture from the city and the countryside, we come across these colour tone scales time and again in secular and also cultural buildings. We perceive these tones as a visual balance, because they often meet our secret visual expectations. They invoke a kind of anticipated foresight.


Aesthetics and ethos - housing is food. It wasn´t many years ago that the statement: “Prestige is a question of appearance!" applied. Today, however, humans are defined by their lifestyle and how they live: "Show me where you live, and I´ll tell you who you are!" The car has also been disused as an image product, in the same way as the cruise, our children´s grades, the illustrious circle of friends or the camping trip through the USA.

Using your own four walls intensively, living with large-format paintings, but also your collection of books and antiques, the music you listen to, physical exercise in the garden and getting together with friends and doing good things, are all part of the true content of life.

has proven itself over epochs – functional, fine and reasonable.