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Color Series D: Room for Feeling Comfortable

In the country, in the village, in the city. Colors are programmatic decision-making aids. We share most of their parameters on the regional, European and global level.

The color range invites to more comfortable living. Houses that describe the precincts of a city or hamlet: from the North Cape to the Alps, from Canada to the Black Forest adaptations of rural new buildings in South Korea. The longing for security and integration into the everyday routines of living together are amont the esential criteria when choosing a flat – eccentricity rather happens on the edge. We prefer familiar images. Seasons, nature, streets and houses and their colors form a meaningful world of aspiration, reality and insights.

Landscape colors of the new classic

The inclusion of architecture in the existing  landscape or a dream with queries. How concrete, how far, how free, how inevitable or accidental. Old recipes – Preferably a fresh start.

It's a treat to see visual phenomena from nature incorporated in technology formed by humans. Initially we aspire to praise nature itself based on how well and beautifully it interprets our technical opportunities. – In doing so, we forget that nature doesn´t emulate, it provides the instructions. The colours of crops remind us of ripe wheat or cornfields, loamy earthy tones, of flower petals and hay and straw. Green surrounds us. The scent from a nearby garden wafts across. The regret of being at the most an onlooker, gives way to the satisfaction of sensual participation.