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Color Series E: Seductive Warmth

CARMINE RED AND VIOLET. The fear of colour experimentation gives way to temptation. Nothing is more remarkable than when the onlooker goes into pure colour rapture. It´s not good to lay low! Showing colour is one of the essential duties of architecture. Preventing it is questionable. 

The building landscapes constructed by humans should be designed with just as much of a zest for life as the mountains, valleys and even nature itself – as if created of its own volition. We will see: structures, irrespective of their provenance, will increase in terms of design conciseness. Colourless cities "feed" occupants and visitors with a mental blank. Glass façades are the unsung non-animators. Encounters with beautiful colours and forms in the cities throughout the world are similar to those that we want your occupants to have.

Particularly innovative wouldn´t you say?

Unquestionably chic! When functional buildings or even civil living areas look different to their neighbourhood. After all, we need to get on with our neighbours. Make sure you gain friends by publishing drafts and plans in advance. If possible, draw parallels with the past or present in order to lend the project logic and a backbone. Particularly in areas where there are children, where creative working spaces are being created, or movement is demanded that advance communication is part of the strategic baggage.
In principle, any town or city needs its colourful districts which are focussed on the principle of stimulus, play and fun. This is precisely where experimental colouring can be used to good effect. Colourful themes are more appropriate here than solo appearances. Colours with an inciting accompaniment set a clearer character than monochrome boredom – or calming zones. Orchestrated musical colours are more energy-packed than a single recorder in the afternoon.

For connoisseurs and confessors of a fearless vigour – wild, romantic and free.