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Color Series H: Joy of Living

Why we like green, and why this is likely to remain the case in the future too. It has nothing to do with calculations, but more the result of empathy and emotions.The wide-ranging green colour range is a practical and plausible decision.

Greentones convey responsibility and social competence. Occupants and onlookersconsider themselves to be silent accomplices to a "social mirror". This is seen even from the wealth of nuances of the light, mid-range and dark green variants.Green structures – and also colourful ones – are part of the social putty ofan ecologically conscious, buzzing society. Structures applied with green or withgreen tones have long ranked among the favourites of not only ecologically-conscious ordinary people.

The colours with appeal and Paris as a biotopeGreen buildings cleverly arouse in us a feeling of trust. This is also the casewhen we consider truly massive buildings. They emit a guarantee of freshness. If they are then endowed with vertical vegetation, they became almost a biotopic guarantorof a community. – The seduction of green always works.The number of green residential buildings has increased considerably. Some city areas are positively booming in this regard. "La tour de biodiversité", "The tower ofvarious bio-plants" in Paris provides a touch of diversity in the air, when it´s windyand in the right season it spreads its seeds across the city.

The wealth of nuances in the light, medium-range and dark green variants reflect the social understanding of its occupants – modern, conscious and sensational.