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Color Series C: Infatuating Lightness

LOGIC AND APPEAL POINT IN THE DIRECTION OF BLUE. Large areas of sky colours bring about a feeling of happiness and safety. In city landscapes they suggest competence, calm and distance. The harmonization of future and entrepreneurial spirit. The classic-romantic blue model is supplemented by hints of a clear consciousness and reality.

In conjunction with the interplay of watery tones and mid-range blue nuances, the colour range is provided with clarity and order.
Owners of functional buildings and private ensembles of any size – use blue high-tech visuals as marketing messages to convey future optimism. Don´t be afraid of blue. "If I had the choice, I would live in white today, blue tomorrow and the rest of the week multi-coloured."


Blue likes to wander off in the distance; it´s friendly, but unapproachable, it appears complex, modest and is intimate.


Blue is no killjoy, it arouses lots of interest – fresh, honest and pure.
0763 Sky Blue, 0793 Grey Blue, 0772 Blanket Blue, 0761 True Blue, 0771 Porcelain Blue, 0769 Ice Blue, 0777 White Blue, 0766 Light Blue, 0774 Pale Blue, 0795 Baby Blue, 0785 Silver Blue, 0767 Paradise Blue, 0787 Lake Blue, 0791 Petrol Blue, 0841 Cloudy Blue, 0842 Azorean Blue, 0782 Storm Blue, 0844 Nile Blue