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Do Historic Buildings Need Insulation?

Living in historic buildings comes with a lot of advantages: prestige, spaceous rooms and high ceilings. Living comfort is not among them. On hot summer days the temperature in such apartments reach record highs.

Our R&D team used the Baumit research houses from the VIVA park in Wopfing, Austria to get insights about how the indoor climate in historical buildings can be improved.

During a heat wave in the Summer 2019 with temperatrures aroud 30°C they humidified and ventilated the test houses In a pre-defined interval to replicate the typical behavior of  the residents. The first house was made of 51cm full brick and on the second house they added a 16cm insulation. Besides the insulation the houses are built alike to ensure a precise comparison.

The results show that the insulated house was 2°C cooler than the un-insulated house and proof that even extremeley solid consutruction needs insulation to ensure a comfortable indoor climate for its residents. Learn more about the VIVA park here.