euroFillers. Providing standard fillers.

euroFillers is a relatively new subsidiary of Schmid Industrieholding that was founded in 2016. Mineral fillers are a logical addition to the product range produced at Wopfing.

Under the umbrella of the holding company euroFillers in Wopfing are the Austrian company euroMinerals, Slovakian company euroTalc, the holding in the Spanish company Cales de Llierca, as well as Calmit. These supply mineral fillers, a highly specialised product segment that is required in many industrial sectors. Thanks to local conditions, both raw materials come predominantly from regional deposits – a perfect addition to the mining operation for the group based in Wopfing.

"The filler sector is the logical development of what we have been doing successfully for 100 years: mining important mineral resources. euroFillers has made substantial investments. Our new mainstay has got off to a flying start in 2017", said Robert Schmid with confidence.

Successful subsidiaries

The new talc processing plant in Gemerska Poloma, Slovakia, can produce up to 60,000 tonnes of high-purity white talc annually. Its sister company, euroMinerals, a Styrian family business, specialises in the processing and marketing of fillers and has long-term contracts with industrial customers. As a result of their long-term supply contracts with the world market leader for talc, sales of the entire production have already been secured for many years, creating 100 new jobs.