Concrete primers under the paster

What penetration or adhesive bridge should be used under the plaster?

Choosing the right penetration and the adhesive bridge prior to plastering depends on a number of factors, such as the type of plaster, substrate or the environment where you plaster. If you are not sure what to use, see the technical sheet for a specific plaster for more detailed information.


Omietanie v exteriéri

For the renovations we always apply Baumit pre-coating on old masonry, so-called cement "sprue".
We also apply this contact bridge to very dense concrete or on wood-cement substrates.

New buildings

Omietanie v interiéri

There is a wider range of substrate preparation products for the interior and new masonry. The choice depends on the substrate and the type of plaster. In new buildings it may also be a high-build coating material or base coats, e.g. Baumit BetonPrimer, BetonKontakt, Absorbability Regulator).

What to use and when

Baumit pre-coating

Baumit Prednástrek

Cement pre-coating (spur) to improve adhesion and ensure a balanced absorption of the plaster to the substrate. It is applied to the damp substrate all over the area by hand setting with a masonry spoon, by spraying with suitable plastering machine. Always use this adhesive bridge when renovating old masonry and exterior. Internally, it is suitable for more demanding substrates, extremely dense concrete, wood-cement substrates. Normally it is necessary to give the pre-coating a time to mature for about 3 days, on a fiber-board substrate 7 days indoors and 14 days outdoors.

1. Moistening of the substrate
Navlhčenie podkladu
2. Setting pre-coating
Nahadzovanie prednástreku
3. Applied adhesive bridge
Baumit Prednástrek

Baumit Suction regulator

Primary coating for the preparation of the substrate with high or unbalanced absorbency, especially for aerated concrete, bricks and mixed masonry in the interior. The substrate is applied all over the surface using a brush, roller or spraying using a paint sprayer. Construction break before applying the coating is at least 12 hours.

The ratio of water dilution
Ceramic bricks: 1: 3
Aerated concrete: 1: 2



Yellow penetration coating to increase the adhesion of lime-cement or plaster coatings in the interior. Especially recommended for smooth monolithic and prefabricated concrete. Construction break before applying the plaster coating is at least 12-24 hours, lime-cement max. 48 hrs.



Penetration pink color coating exclusively designed for under plaster coatingsto increase adhesion and to unify the absorbency. On the interior concrete substrate. Apply all over the area with brush or roller. Construction break before applying the coating is at least 12 hours.