Classic exterior plaster

Classic exterior plaster

Depending on flatness and type, brickwork can be plastered using a single-layer or multi-layer plastering system.

Single-layer plasters

Lime-cement vapour-permeable mineral plasters are ideal for plaster thicknesses of up to 25 mm. For thicknesses of up to 30 mm, two layers need to be applied. On the smoothed matte surface, we can apply facade plasters.

Machine plasters

Baumit MPA 35
Universal lime-cement plaster, paroporous, hydrophobized. For processing by conventional plastering machines.

Manual plasters

Baumit MVR Uni
Universal white hand-made lime-cement plaster, especially for manual processing.

Multilayer plasters

Core lime cement plasters are suitable mainly for reconstruction work, requiring the plastering of various types of masonry. Even for use on larger plaster thicknesses. We must always apply stucco plaster on core plasters.

Machine plasters

Baumit Core plaster machine
Universal lime-cement plaster, vapour permeable, water-repellent.

Manual plasters

Baumit Core plaster
Universal, man-made lime-cement plaster for manual processing.