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How to choose the exterior plaster

  • Protection from external influences
  • Machine or manual processing
  • Thermal insulating plasters
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Selection of proper plaster can positively improve the properties of the masonry, save on costs, minimise labour requirements, and prevent occurrence of defects during the construction’s lifetime. Selecting the most suitable plaster system demands knowing all the requirements that will be imposed on the plaster. The decisive role is played by the substrate that is to be plastered: brick, porous concrete, old masonry, combined masonry, etc. Especially for masonry with high thermal insulation properties, it is necessary to select a suitable composition of the plastering system.

High thermal insulating masonry

These masonry elements have different construction-physical parameters than traditional masonry elements, and for plastering them, we need to pay special attention, from the selection of materials, the composition of the plastering system, to the precise selection of details and the observance of all processing principles.
These plasters can be used for brick and porous concrete masonry, which have sufficient thermal insulation properties and need no additional insulation.

Choose a plaster according to your requirements

Thin-layer plasters

For precisely moulded blocks such as aerated concrete or concrete walls.

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Classic plaster

For traditional masonry without the need for additional thermal insulating properties or for the reconstruction of buildings

Thermal insulating plasters

If masonry cannot be insulated, we can use thermal insulating plasters to improve the properties of masonry.

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Wood-cement blocks

Alternatively, the masonry elements will also require the correct selection of plaster.