Facade renovation of sandy surfaces

Facade renovation with sandy surfaces

We go on the mortar surface with palm. If there remain white tracks of mortar on the palm and the base pours down, the surface is sand blasting. Sand blasting of chalking surfaces on a facade decrease stability of a new coating, therefore it is necessary to firm the base before applying of a new surface treatment.

Two steps to a new facade

Before applying a new surface finish, apply a special Baumit ReCompact coat and then apply a new high quality facade paint.

Step 1

Spevnenie podkladu

Applying of the basic coat Baumit ReCompact.

Step 2

Nová fasádna farba

Coat by a new facade paint Baumit StarColor, NanoporColor, SilikonColor.

Step by step guide

1. What do we need?

Obnova fasády - pieskujúci povrch

We prepare penetration Baumit ReCompact and suitable spraying tools or device for machine applying of facade paint.

2. Facade cleaning

Vyčistenie fasády

Facade surface must be without algae and cracks. Brush or pressure wash the dusty and dirty facade. Cut off shredding parts. If the facade still has other deficiencies, it is necessary to remove them first.
See: Render preparation

3. Mortar firmer

Spevňovač omietky

Stir well Baumit ReCompact content and pour it to the spraying device.

4. Product application

Spevnenie omietky penetráciou

Apply on the whole surface area by spraying. It is possible to apply the mortar firmer also by a brush on smaller areas.

5. New facade paint

Nová fasádna farba

We apply two layers of high quality facade paint to the clean facade. The first coat is applied diluted with 10 - 15% water. After a break of a min. of 12 hours we apply 1 to 2 coats of the facade paint as required. Allow a min. of 4 hours between each coat.

6. Facade paint spraying

Striekanie fasádnej farby

Baumit facade paint may also be applied using airless spraying. It allows fast and even application of the facade paint in a short time even on large uniform surfaces.

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