Renovation of dirty facades

Renovation of a contaminated facade

If no cracks or other damage are visible on your facade, your home needs only a revival and your work will be simple and fast.

2 steps to a new facade

Deep-set dirt on a facade reduces the adhesion of new paint, therefore it is necessary to clean the facade surface with a cleaning agent before applying a new facade paint.
Subsequently it is sufficient to apply two coats of high-quality facade paint and your house is a new once again.

Step 1

Vyčistenie fasády

Clean the surface with Baumit ReClean.

Step 2

Nová fasádna farba

Coat by a new facade paint Baumit StarColor, NanoporColor, SilikonColor.

Step by step working instructions

1. Assess the condition of the facade

Znečistená fasáda

The surface of the facade must be firm and cohesive, free of algae and cracks. Brush or pressure wash the dusty and dirty facade. If the facade still has other deficiencies, it is necessary to remove them first.
See: Render preparation

2. What do we need?

Znečistená fasáda

Prepare Baumit ReClean, new facade paint, hard bristle brush, facade roller or equipment for machine painting of the facade.

3. Cleaning agent

Fasádny čistiaci prostriedok

We remove the heavy dirt and grease using the Baumit ReClean. Depending on the degree of surface pollution use undiluted or water diluted up to the ratio of 1:10.

4. Facade cleaning

Čistenie fasády

Apply Baumit ReClean with a spraying tool or a hard brush. We can also add it to water when using a high-pressure cleaner. Let it work for 2 - 20 minutes, depending on the degree of pollution. In the case of severe contamination, the device must be applied in several working steps.
Subsequently wash the facade with lukewarm water or use a high-pressure facade cleaner.

5. New facade coat

Nová fasádna farba

We apply two layers of high quality facade paint to the clean facade. The first coat is applied diluted with 10 - 15% water. After a break of a min. of 12 hours we apply 1 to 2 coats of the facade paint as required. Allow a min. of 4 hours between each coat.

6. Facade paint spraying

Striekanie fasádnej farby

Baumit facade paint may also be applied using airless spraying. It allows fast and even application of the facade paint in a short time even on large uniform surfaces.

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