Counterfeit mounting of anchors

Countersunk mounting of anchors

  • For new buildings and renovations
  • For different types of insulating boards
  • Reduction of thermal bridges at anchorage

An anchor suitable for countersunk mounting is inserted deeper into the insulator and the space is filled with an insulating plug. This method of installation is suitable for insulation boards of min. 80 mm thick.

Anchor milling procedure

Vyvŕtanie otvoru pre kotvu

1. Drilling a hole

The hole is drilled perpendicularly to the surface of the substrate. The bit diameter should be the same as the diameter of the anchor. The mineral insulating boards are first punctured with a bit and then we drill the hole. The anchor hole needs to be drilled to a depth of min. 25 mm greater than the min. anchor length of the anchor corresponding.

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2. Anchor mounting

Push the appropriate anchor into the drilled hole.

Zafrézovanie kotvy

3. Milling an anchor

Subsequently, with a drill equipped with a mounting attachment, fasten the anchor to the substrate. The anchor should be milled 15 mm below the surface of the insulation.

Vloženie izolačnej zátky

4. Insertion of insulating plug

Insert the closing disc into the milled hole. Depending on the insulation type, select the appropriate insulation plugs: white EPS, gray EPS, mineral wool, resol foam, and the like.

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5. Mounted anchors

Insulating plugs match the surface of the insulation boards.

Anchor for countersunk mounting and accessories