Baumit Nanopor for long-lasting clean facades

How can light clean your facade?

  • For long-term clean new as well as for older facades
  • Verified by experience since the year of 2007
  • With protection against micro-organisms on physical principle

At selection of facade render, we should consider very much more than price. One of the very important parameters is just the long-term sustainability and long-term cleanness of the facade.

Long-term clean facade

Inovačné centrum Wopfing

The facade of the building does not have only to fulfill the basic properties, such as e. g. protection against cold, noise, humidity, must also comply with the aesthetic and optical requirements. In its function, it is permanently just as skin permanently exposed to load of diverse effects of external environment, by influence of which it comes, sooner or later, to its contamination.
By the project „Clean surface treatment“, we come to the depth of a human hair, that means, we get into the area of ultra-smallest particles of atoms and molecules. The basic elements of this technology are the nanoelements (one of each is smaller than 100 nm). The target construction of the materials at atomic level as well at usage of special effects which occur on such a small scale opens a manifold of many new possibilities, almost in all areas of natural sciences, such as energetics, lT area, medicine or pharmacy. Nanotechnologies also enable development of new construction materials and improvement of the original ones. The Nanoparticles cannot be seen; however, we can have evidence of their evidence in the most positive way in the form of new, more efficient and more lasting solutions, used still more and more in construction practice.


Nanotechnology deals with the creation, research and exploitation of extremely small structures. The word "nano" is derived from Greek and means something like "dwarf". Experts and the media mark nanotechnology as the key technology of the 21st century. Instead of "higher, still further", their motto is "getting smaller, faster and faster".

One nanometer (nm = 1 millionth of a millimeter) corresponds to about one tenth of a thousandths of human hair thickness, so we are already in the ultra-smallest particle of atoms and molecules. The basic elements of this technology are nanoparticles (one is less than 100 nm). Targeted design of materials at the atomic level, as well as the use of special phenomena that occur on this small scale, opens up many new possibilities, almost in all areas of natural sciences such as energy, the environment, IT, medicine or pharmacy . Nanotechnologies also enable the development of new building materials and the refinement of the original ones. Nanoparticles can not be seen, but we can register the manifestations of their action in the most positive way in the form of new, better quality, more efficient and more durable solutions, increasingly used in building practice.

Bežná štruktúra omietky pod mikroskopom

The structured surface of common render creates the conditions of settlement of dust, which is a nutrient substance for various micro-organisms.

Štruktúra Nanopor omietky pod mikroskopom

The microscopically smooth surface protects the facade from dirt deposition and is the first prerequisite for maintaining a clean look.

The Baumit Nanopor Top surface is microscopically smooth and it has so-called "nanoporous" structure. Those nanopores are too small for small organic as well as for inorganic particles of impurities which, for this reason, cannot „settle" firmly on the surface. Moreover, the low electrostatic charge does not attract impurities, and thereby it allows the facade to resist pollution more effectively. By the effect of forces of nature (such as e. g. wind, rain, snow, effect of UV radiation and thermal changes), release of impurities from the facade occurs. Thanks to the self-cleaning ability, the facade remains naturally clean and steadily beautiful.

Nanopor under microscope

Renders with a high degree of water-repellent degree utilize the effect of strong surface tension in the water drop, which has in the form of a small ball a minimum contact with the surface of the render. The facade is washed by quickly splashing water, but not in the places which operate in the rain shadow – under the balconies, cornices and protruding constructions.

Baumit Nanopor Top, thanks to its thin hydrophilic layer on the surface of the render, works on a fully new principle. It contains nanopores which absorb humidity and lower the surface tension in a drop of water. This water permeates into the upper layer of the render and at repeated vaporization it exerts pressure on the impurities caught on the render. Nanopores are active at retraining of optimum humidity regime not only in contact with the rain water, but also with air humidity.

Hydrofóbny povrch omietky

A water drop on a water-repellent surface of a standard render

Hydrofóbny povrch omietky

A water drop on a hydrophilic surface of the Baumit NanoporTop render

How does it work?

Čistenie fasády_krok 1
Čistenie fasády_krok 2
Čistenie fasády_krok 3

Activation of photocatalysis

Photocatalysis is a process of chemical decomposition of organic substances at presence of daylight.
In order for such reaction to take place, in the structure of the substance there must be built in a catalyst with titanic oxide (TiO2), which is activated by action of ultraviolet sunlight radiation. Thanks to a new photocatalyst and unique power of light, now Baumit Nanopor obtains now a new, further, especially effective self-cleaning effect for brilliant, beautiful and long-term facade.

Distribution of impurities

If we apply this procedure of photocatalysis to render or paint, then with the help of photocatalysis it comes to decomposition of impurities, which successfully settled on their surface.
An important factor is that also bacteria, algae, fungi and other microbiological organisms degrade under the influence of photocatalysis!

Cleaning of facade

Impurities and algae remain on the surface of the façade in an inactive form, from where rain, moisture, sun, wind, and air flow are removed. The forces of nature thus constantly help to keep the facade clean. Traditional surface treatment is based on a chemical base, and these substances are gradually washed out of the surface, thus losing efficiency. The new unique method of protection against organic pollution on the basis of photocatalysis is sustainable from the point of view of environmental protection and at the same time it is a guarantee of a long-lasting clean facade with minimal maintenance and renewal requirements throughout its life.

Investing in the future

Baumit has created high-quality, durable, long-life facade systems over the decade of development. On the facade, however, there is continuous pollution and weather influences and its appearance changes over the years. In order to maintain the nice appearance of the building, it is necessary after a few years the facade to be optically redecorated, j. treat with at least new paint, which, of course, brings with it the necessary costs (such as material, work, scaffolding).

Thanks to the outstanding properties of Baumit NanoporTop, the facade remains roughly twice as clean and beautiful as possible, saving maintenance costs and new coatings. When renovating facades, the Baumit NanoporColor façade is the ideal solution for restoring the surface of older thermal insulation and plaster systems, especially in the case of surface contamination by microorganisms.