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Crystal Set

New Natural Render Set for Crystal Clear Facades

Baumit CrystalSet is the new treasure rising from the Baumit Innovation center. This natural coating system conceals its unique CrystalEffect which can only be revealed by the associated Baumit CrystalActivator.

  • Natural & Breathable
  • Anti-Dust & Anti-Greying
  • Extremely Durable

Mineral façade renders offer many benefits. Due to their composition of mineral binders originating from natural, crystalline sources, they are highly breathable. This means that water vapour can easily evaporate through the microscopic pores. Another crucial benefit is the consistent solidity of the mineral binder at medium to high temperatures which especially occur on ETIC systems. Even under these extreme conditions, mineral renders are extremely resilient against dirt pickup due to their non thermoplastic characteristics.

Ready-to-use natural plaster
Baumit took these well-known properties of mineral renders and added a revolutionary key advantage: making it ready-touse in form of a pasty render provided in a bucket! Ordinary mineral renders are powder products packaged in bags. The binding process starts as soon as they are mixed with water. Baumit’s groundbreaking idea is to stabilize the mineral binder until the pasty render gets in contact with the CrystalActivator which starts the setting process.

Baumit CrystalSet 
The innovative Baumit CrystalSet consists of the first ready-to-use mineral topcoat called CrystalTop combined with its associated primer – the Baumit CrystalActivator, which is used as a regular façade primer offering greatly improved processing properties. It can be applied almost effortlessly on the entire surface of the façade. Combining both products is essential to start the formation of the self-contained and solid surface which reveals the unique CrystalEffect offering premium dirt resistance.

The secret of Baumit’s CrystalSet is the exclusive CrystalEffect that leads to an unbeatable surface finish. This effect makes the Baumit CrystalSet not only particularly breathable but also extremely long lasting and durable. Its natural crystalline surface features highest anti-dust and anti-greying properties due to its solid mineral binder which is non thermoplastic and therefore unsusceptible to high temperatures. This leads to long lasting beauty, sheen and cleanliness of your facade.

Baumit openSystem: We recommend using the CrystalSet in combination with Baumit’s unique open insulation system which is made of 99% air making it one of the most breathable solutions for the façade and guarantee a feel-good indoor climate the whole year through.