Facade Render and Color for Intense Colors

Using intense colors and renders made easy

Facade render Baumit PuraTop and facade paint PuraColor for intense and brilliant colour shades. High stability of colour shades is secured by connection of high-quality pigments and purely acrylate binding agent.

  • All colour shades
  • Intensive colours
  • Cool pigment technology

Brilliant effect

Sýte odtiene Baumit PuraA special binding agent excellently binds the pigments, what guarantees high stability of colours and even whiter shade of the colour Life 0019. In combination with cool pigments, it enables also usage of dark shades on thermally insulated facades.

Better facade protection

Baumit facade renders and paints comprise a higher content of protection from biologic contamination by seaweed. Those substances are of the latest generation and they are added in a form of microcapsules with continuous release of the effective substance without negative influence on environment.

Everything for your facade

Farebné odtiene Baumit PuraTop
PuraTop ‑ colour shades

Colour plaster PuraTop is available in all 852 colour shades and in 6 structures.

Farebné odtiene Baumit PuraColor
PuraColor - colour shades

Colour plaster PuraColor is available in all 852 colour shades and in 6 structures.

Tmavá fasáda na zateplenie
Dark shades

Special cool pigments allow the use of even very dark shades for a thermally insulated facade, but with simpler rules.


Cool pigments technology allows intense colors

Special pigments reflect the infrared component of sunlight to a greater extent than conventional pigments, which significantly reduces the temperature on the surface of the façade and at the same time reduces the risk of damage during overheating, especially when using color shades on a façade façade.
There are no limits to selecting the color shade for the insulated facade.
Choose your favorite shade from a wide range of Baumit Life colors freely.