How to choose the right render for your facade

Which render to choose on the facade?

Facade render or facade paint?

Facade render and facade paint are terms which are often mutually confused.

Facade renders are thinly stratified renders, engrained in full thickness of grain in the selected shade according to the sample book. They are applied onto the surface by an iron to the thickness of grain. They are applied to the already applied reinforcement layer on the thermal insulation or onto mature external calcium-cement render.
Facade paints are coatings manufactured in a specified shade according to the sample book. They are applied by a roller or by spraying. Most frequently they are used at reconstruction of facades as a new coating, onto smooth external render renders or at redevelopment renders.

Fasádna omietka
Fasádna farba

Premium facades

Choose a facade corresponding to your requirements. Premium facade renders and paints for the purpose of highest quality. From the self-cleaning ability and resistance against algae to the physical principle or silicone render of the new generation with functional filler up to intense colours with the use of cool pigments.

Self-cleaning Baumit Nanopor

Facade render and paint, extremely resistant against contamination and formation of algae. Verified by experience since the year of 2007. Thanks to the microscopically smooth surface and natural powers, the facade remains long-term clean.

Highly resistant Baumit Star

Prémiová silikónová fasáda

A silicone facade render and paint of a new generation. A combination of high-quality silicone binding agent and of functional filler secures not only excellent processing, but also a high-grade protection of the facade.

Intensive colors with Baumit Pura

Intenzívne odtiene

Deep and intensive shades on thermally insulated facades are a permanent challenge. The facade renders and paints Pura contain special cool pigments and they are distinguished by high constancy of colours. For correct realization of dark facades.

For professionals

If you put emphasis not only on functionality and aesthetics, but if the important factor in your decision making is the price, choose from the professional range of façade plasters and colours. A wide assortment for every use, new buildings and renovations under normal conditions. Silicone, silicate and acrylic facade plasters and paints are available.

Decorative facades

A combination of decorative render Baumit CreativTop and impressive paints like Lasur, Metallic and Glitter brings an unlimited variety for texturizing of your facade. Become creative and allow for your render any structure. Roughly levelled off, structured, with a concrete-like appearance, such as small bricks or perfectly smooth with painting... Imagination has no limits.