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Premium Silicone Facade Render and Color

Quick drying facades with the help of a coral structure

Baumit StarTop premium silicone plaster and the new generation of StarColor paint for all – new and refurbished facades. The combination of high quality silicone binder and innovative functional filler creates unique properties for a long-lasting protection of the facade and offers a greater choice of shades of color.

  • Drypor effect
  • Dirt-resistant surface
  • Excellent application

How does the Drypor effect protect my facade?

Drypor efektBaumit Star uses hydrophilic and hydrophobic principles to reduce surface contamination. The hydrophilic property cause the moisture to spread out so the surface dries out more quickly after wet weather. The hydrophobic nature of the plaster provides good water repellency, and therefore good water drainage behaviour. The combination of both functions, the quick drying of the surface due to the hydrophilic property and good dirt resistance. StarTop is more malleable and easier to apply and has a very uniform texture that is easy to create.

Extended silicone functions for a brighter facade

The unique functional surface of Baumit Star with the Drypor effect works against moisture and protects the facade from the growth of algae and moss. This protection is further enhanced by the higher content of special additives in the form of microcapsules with gradual, long-term release of the active substance without negative environmental impacts.

Facade protection applied easily

Simple application of the Baumit StarTop plaster guarantees a great result in each of the six structures offered. Scratched 1,5K, 2K, 3K, scratched 2R, 3R and fine StarTop Fine plaster. If you go for StarColor, the processors will appreciate its high capability and also the possibility of painting with airless spray.

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Fasádna omietka StarTop
StarTop - Color shades

StarTop render and color are available in 758 shades of Baumit Life (in the sample number ending 2 - 9) and in all structures.

Farebné odtiene pre StarColor
StarColor - Color shades

StarColor façade color is available in 654 Baumit Life shades.

Farebný návrh fasády
Facade color design

Do not you know what shade to put on your house? Take your facade and send it to us. We are processing 3 color solutions for you.

Biela fasáda

A bright beauty

If you are looking for a really dazzling white façade, take StarTop plaster or StarColor in Life color 0019. The special composition and pigments will make the shade even more shiny. But regardless of the selected color shade, you will surely get a beautiful facade for a long time.