Premium Silicone Facade Render and Color

Quick drying facades with the help of a coral structure

Baumit StarTop premium silicone plaster and the new generation of StarColor paint for all – new and refurbished facades. The combination of high quality silicone binder and innovative functional filler creates unique properties for a long-lasting protection of the facade and offers a greater choice of shades of color.

  • Quick drying surface
  • Increased protection against algae and mould
  • Best processing properties

How does the Drypor effect protect my facade?

Drypor efektThe next generation of Baumit silicon resin renders features the DRYPOR EFFCT, a new filler with hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties at the same time. The hydrophobic nature of the render provides good water repellency. Water in its liquid state cannot be absorbed by the surface and drains off the facade. The hydrophilic property caused by the coral structure of the filler, enables water molecules from foggy weather conditions to be absorbed by the outer layer of Baumit StarTop, while the surface stays dry. Due to the dry surface and the faster drying of the render, the risk of algea and mould infestation is reduced significantly.

Facade protection applied easily

StarTop is more ductile, easier to apply and shows a very uniform texture which can be simply achieved. The ready-to-use render can be applied with little effort thanks to its hassle-free properties.

Biela fasáda

A bright beauty

If you are looking for a really dazzling white façade, take StarTop plaster or StarColor in Life color 0019. The special composition and pigments will make the shade even more shiny. But regardless of the selected color shade, you will get a beautiful facade.