Do you know what to use? Self leveling compound or screeds?

Do you know what to use on a floor? Screed or skim coat?

Self-levelling skim coats

A simple and effective solution for uneven floors and for aligning thin layers before the final laying of the floor. For all residential spaces, including kitchens and bathrooms. Simple to handle. Also suitable for substrates with underfloor heating. Apply the skim coat using the contact method only, with penetration paint acting as the bridging element between the substrate and the skim coat. Baumit Nivello 10 and 30 skim coats and Baumit Nivello Quattro gypsum compound.

Anhydrite screeds

Anhydrtový liaty poter

Apply Baumit Alpha anhydrite gypsum screeds as contact, separate and floating screeds. Thanks to their excellent heat conducting properties they are ideal for underfloor heating. The self-levelling effect ensures a perfectly even surface, makes the work easier and saves time. Suitable for the rapid completion of large floor surfaces.
The material experiences only very small volume changes during hardening. Suitable for all residential spaces, including standard kitchens and bathrooms. Thicknesses from 25mm.

Cement screeds

Cementový poter

Traditional cement screeds are suitable for all spaces, including garages and damp workshop areas. Particularly suitable for substrates where heat storage properties are required. Cement screeds are also suitable for underfloor heating. Working with traditional screeds is rather more demanding and requires a certain level of skill. It is not always possible to achieve the required flatness over large floor areas, so another layer of self-levelling skim becomes necessary. Thicknesses from 35mm.