How to lay Paving Stones Without Draining System

Laying and designing

  • Reduced lime efflorescence due to the use of trass
  • Low installation height
  • For terraces, platforms, stairs and garden paths

The classic system

Securely laying paving and creating walls with natural and artificial stone are becoming increasingly popular elements in the design of gardens and terraces. Baumit natural stone grout (NVM) and plaster grout (PFM) and garden and landscaping concrete GALA 44 are right on trend here.

  1. Stone coating with Baumit paving grout (PFM) for grouting 
    grout width 5 to 50 mm, grout depth 30 to 40 mm bedding from Baumit
  2. Natural stone grout (NVM) 
    Bedding height approx. 3 to 4 cm 
  3. Load distribution layer from garden and landscaping concrete GALA 44 or dry concrete TB 8 
    Layer thickness approx. 1 to 15 cm
  4. Water-permeable base layer made from gravel or drainage cement 
    approx. 20 cm for low static loads, grain size of 5.45 mm 
  5. Anti-freeze gravel 30 cm