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Solid Concrete for Outside

Walling, concreting and designing

  • Universally applicable
  • Free selection of final strength
  • Simple and secure with high level of final strength

Working with concrete

Stairs, mounts, platforms and walls are design elements in gardens and outdoor areas, which are available in many variants. The Baumit product range covers all the available options.

Concreting without mixing

  • No mixing
  • Clean: no dirty tools
  • Fast: sets quickly
Baumit GALA-Fix anchoring und fixing without mixing

Open packaging, pour, add water – DONE! It's never been quicker and easier to lay concrete. For setting and fixing static, non-relevant building components such as fence posts, edging (curbs and border stones), sun shades, privacy screening walls, rotary washing lines, toys, garden lamps, bike stands, small foundations and much more.