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How to create healthy rooms for our indoor society

We spend as much as 90 % of our lives in closed rooms. That is why the quality of interior air is crucial for our comfort, health and for life quality itself. Not only temperature of the air and surfaces, humidity, air streaming, but also construction materials distinctly affect the interior climate.

Air is our main food

On daily basis, man consumes approximately 13.5 kg of interior and 1.5 kg of fresh air, thus it becomes our most significant foodstuff, while its quality is important for our health. This is the reason why healthy and fresh air in the interior should be taken for granted.

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The right air humidity is essential

A stay in too dry air dehydrates mucous membrane, evoking a feeling of dry eyes. Dry mucous membrane may be easily attacked by bacteria, starting an inflammatory process, cold or bleeding of nose. At the humidity of 30 % and less, we are more prone to infectious diseases. That is why, keeping the optimum humidity and proper venting are inevitable for sound climate.

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Proper humidity in the interior helps comfort of living, preventing growth of moulds or various diseases. The cause of high humidity may be new work insufficiently dried out, penetration of water through structural faults, but also insufficient drainage of humidity from the interior due to improper venting or heating. During a common stay in the interior, a family consisting of 4 members produces about 20 litres of water. It is important to maintain optimum humidity in the interior, particularly between 40 and 60 %.

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How temperature affects your comfort

Everybody feels heat comfort under different conditions. Someone likes cooler rooms, another one feels more pleasant in a warmer environment. Even despite that we should adhere to certain principles. Higher temperature up to 23 °C is recommended for living spaces and bathrooms, rather lower temperature up to 18 °C for sleeping rooms. It is also important not to have too big temperature differences between the indoor air and the temperature on wall surfaces or in the lower part of the room and at the height of the head. The difference should not be higher than 4 °C.

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What makes air fresh

As it is the case with other substances, the air consists of separate molecules. Molecules may have negative or positive ion. The more negative ions are contained in the air, the fresher it is. The air enriched this way supports oxygenation of blood, improving functions of organs a better burning of nutrients. You feel better and more active. Higher content of good ions in the air is helped by fresh air without any content of harmful matters. Therefore, do not forget about proper and frequent ventilation as well as careful selection of materials for the interior.

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