A Waterfall of Ions for Healthy Air

The all-new coating system that actively regulates humidity and increases concentration – specifically developed for your bedroom and home office or any room that needs improved air quality.

Almost every third person suffers from allergies. Allergic diseases such as nasal irritation, sneezing, itching, shortness of breath or coughing can be caused by pollen. Baumit Ionit helps to create a healthy living space. We spend around 90% of our lives indoors. We breathe incredible 11,500 liter air every day. Quality of air especially in closed spaces has a significant impact on our health and well-being. Quality of room air depends on a variety of different factors, such as temperature, humidity, smell, dust and pollen but also on the number of ions.

Air ions are a natural component of our air. There is always a certain concentration of ions in the air. In nature (e.g. near waterfalls) concentration of air ions is very high – the air is perceived as particularly fresh and clean. In urban regions, due to air pollution concentration of air ions is much lower. The concentration of air ions is a good indicator for quality of air. The higher the number of air ions, the "cleaner and fresher" the air. The renowned Fraunhofer Institute tested the impact of Baumit Ionit in two reference rooms. The results showed that under similar conditions the Ionit System nearly doubled number of air ions and thus improved quality of air.

Function of Baumit Ionit: well-balanced humidity and more air ions. The Baumit Ionit System consists of two components: The humidity regulating putty Baumit IonitFino or Baumit IonitFinish and the air ions generating wall paint Baumit IonitColor. Substrates like plaster-boards, plaster or concrete could be coated with one of the two putties and finished with Baumit IonitColor. The natural putties Baumit IonitFino and Baumit IonitFinish help to keep humidity on a pleasant level and to increase number of water molecules in the air. The mineral paint IonitColor activates these water molecules and generates healthy air ions.

How Ionizing Indoor Air Works

The natural minerals inside the IonitColor wall paint turn the room humidity into natural air ions. The highly increased number of activated air ions significantly reduces the fine dust and pollen pollution inside your  home making the air in your room cleaner, more refreshing and so much healthier. These positive  effects of IonitColor are scientifically validated and proven. 

A System for Vitalizing Air Ions