Klima Products

Klima products are inspired by nature

Like egg shells Baumit Klima products contain lime. Egg shells provide protection for the chick, act as a climate chamber and can even be used as food. Too much humidity in the air increases the risk of mould. Lime has a preventive effect: Mould and fungi are probably among the most feared risks to health at home. Lime is alkaline. This naturally prevents mould from forming.

Lime plasters disinfect naturally

The ideal relative air humidity is between 40 and 60%. Dust mites, which can cause asthma, also thrive in high humidity levels. Air that is too dry not only leads to increased dust levels, but also to dry mucous membranes, resulting in an increased risk of infection, for example as a result of flu viruses during the cold season. Sources of humidity Showering, cooking, drying laundry and breathing by a family of four releases 20 litres of water into the air every day. Building and repair work can also lead to residual humidity inside. The humidity must be vented and can be partially absorbed by walls, floors and furnishings and released later.

How to control air humidity

The Klima products are dedicated to improving the indoor climate. Klima plaster is a mineral plaster with the content of natural lime. It is breathable and acts as natural moisture regulator. This effect is multiplied by its microporous structure. It can absorb more moisture in a shorter time in comparison with common interior plasters. In case of moisture decrease, it gives it slowly and evenly back into the indoor air.

Naturally disinfect air

Limestone filler and lime binder creates a basic plaster character (pH approx. 12), which makes Klima plasters naturally disinfect and acts as natural protection against harmful microorganisms and mold growth. Lime plasters are antistatic, so they do not pick up particles of dirt.

It's up to the thikness of the layer

Even the ideal wall in the interior needs a sufficient thickness of plaster. This is the only way to optimally control humidity. According to the results of the Viva Research Park, you will achieve the best efficiency at a 1.5 cm coating thickness. The plaster can optimally absorb excess moisture and, if it is dry, return it to the interior.