Gips plasters

Master all demanding interiors with gypsum plasters

Baumit Ratio – high-quality, modern gypsum machine-applied plasters from Baumit. Ideal for all demanding interiors where excellent workmanship is a must and a fine, smooth, gleaming appearance of wall surfaces will provide desirable added value.

  • Excellent workmanship
  • Fine, smooth appearance of walls
  • Quality for a very affordable price

Advantages for the contractor and the investor

Thanks to their quality, the very good application properties and the smooth appearance of the walls, Baumit Ratio plasters are popular with professional contractors for use on modern real estate projects.
Gypsum plasters are appropriate for all types of floors and in all social areas in homes and civic buildings, including kitchens and ordinary bathrooms. They are not suited to spaces with high moisture loads.

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Machine-applied gypsum plasters

Supplied in a bag or loose in a tank. Ideal for plastering new structures, large spaces and buildings.

Baumit RatioGlatt L

This gypsum machine-applied plaster is very popular for its excellent application properties. The innovative, lighter mix brings a better spreading rate and fine, gleaming surfaces for modern walls.

Baumit RatioGlatt

A leader among gypsum machine-applied plasters. This high-quality, traditional gypsum plaster with a gleaming surface has been proven from the experience many years of satisfied users.

Baumit Ratio 20

This plaster also enables users to combine the proven processing parameters of gypsum machine-applied plasters with the traditional appearance of a lime-cement plaster. Gypsum plaster with a smooth surface.

Manually applied gypsum plasters

Plaster suitable for smaller spaces, reconstructions or window replacement. Also appropriate for larger thicknesses. With smooth or gleaming surface. Supplied in bags.

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