How to Create Interior Walls From Smooth to 3D

Paste finishing plaster for interiors

Transforms interior walls into eye-catching features. From smooth to structured to 3D in a huge range of colours.

A healthy interior ambience is particularly important.

Low emission, free from plasticizers and solvents. There are particular guidelines for interior plasters as people spend approx. 90% of their time in enclosed spaces. Baumit also supplies products for ready-to-use plaster, which is proven to fulfil the requirements for healthy living space materials.

From smooth to 3D

Creative structures and colours are more common in interior spaces than on façades. Great effects can be achieved here with the help of elements and by working on small areas. From a classic, smooth finish to 3D visual effects and robust coloured renders: Baumit can supply all the materials.

KlimaDekor: ready-to-use and ecological

The ready-to-use, Baumit KlimaDekor thin final rendering coat with a limestone base for interior spaces offers the advantages of an ecological final coat supplied in paste form. The mineral rich and breathable final coat creates an optimum living environment.

MosaikTop & Mamori: structured and highly resistant

In addition to creative or classic structuring, a high level of resistance is also particularly important. These multi-talented interior products are a big hit here:

  • MosaikTop: the robust coloured render in 36 colours for stairwells
  • Mamori: with iridescent shine and a marble effect