Smooth putties for interior

Smooth high-build coating for the interior

  • Without harmful substances
  • They regulate dampness
  • They improve air quality

Do you know what you breathe?

Internal materials should not only be nice or easy to process, but should primarily be made of mineral natural materials and without the release of harmful substances, so called VOC - Volatile Organic Compounds. Baumit products not only meet max. allowed limits, but are up to 100 times smaller.

Kvalita vnútorného vzduchu

Neither damp nor dry

Proper air humidity between 40 and 60% will help us regulate natural lime materials. The microstructure of such high-build coating and plasters resembles a sponge, allowing them to effectively absorb excess moisture from the environment and, in the case of dry air, to return it back to the environment. 

Air quality

The climate of the plaster has a basic character with a pH of more than 7, which does not form the soil for the growth of mold and pathogenic microorganisms and are naturally antibacterial.

Smooth lime high-build coatings

Hladké steny

Highly vapor-permeable lime-based mineral high-build coatings achieve smooth surface finishes in the interior without surface grinding. They are applied manually or mechanically directly to concrete, plasterboard or lime, lime-cement and redeveloped plasters.


Natural White Baumit KlimaFino lime high-build coating for all lovers of traditional craftsmanship. For manual and fine surface smoothing.

Hladká vápenná stierka KlimaFino


Pasty, natural white Baumit KlimaFinish lime high-build coating supplied in a bucket. After mixing ready for immediate use. 

Hladká stierka KlimaFinish