New Gel Technology For Contacts

The next generation of Baumit Premium Contacts for ETIC systems has arrived! Their new unique Gel technology takes the work on the construction side to a new level. The improved formulation leads to a creamy consistency that is particularly easy to work with and more flexible surface with enhanced resistance in the reinforcement.

  • Fast
  • Easy
  • Sustainable

Besides all the other system components – it's the adhesive mortar that is decisive for the mechanical strength of each ETIC system. Therefore, its quality, performance and safety are crucial for a long service life. But reliability is not everything. Also, workability plays a huge role to make work on the construction site fast and easy.

Confidence in the best security
Increased quality awareness, but also changing framework conditions such as tighter construction schedules, changes in architecture as well as changes in weather conditions require more and more security when it comes processing & durability. 

Though the Baumit Contacts have been proven on the market for years due to their high quality and processing properties, we put in all the effort to make them even better. 

Thanks to the new GEL Technology, processing the proven Baumit Contacts is now even easier and faster!

GEL Technology – the next step
Years of experience in the field of research & development as well as close exchange with our partners on construction sites finally made it possible. We could further improve our reliable adhesives and basecoats Baumit openContact, Baumit StarContact White and Baumit ProContact. The secret for better application, higher quality and fast progress on  construction sites is the Gel technology. It is the intelligent implementation of a GEL-matrix in the structure of the adhesive. 

Feel the difference
Thanks to the new GEL Technology you can now enjoy the best workmanship. The results among the three Baumit adhesive mortars Baumit openContact, Baumit StarContact White and Baumit ProContact are impressive: more supple, finer and creamier. The surfaces become more even and close nicely also above embedded mesh. It is also more flexible and guarantees enhanced resistance in the reinforcement. In general, the effort required is reduced and the work gets done faster. 

Baumit thermal insulation composite systems last for many decades. Lifespans of more than 50 years are realistic with correct planning, processing and subsequent care and maintenance. This also requires appropriately designed and produced products. The interaction of individual system components, the balance of strength, elasticity and quality of the raw materials used are essential for a long facade life. So it goes without saying that all of our adhesives and base-coats are ETA proven and certified.

Sustainable production 
As a pioneer in thermal insulation, we have been able to reduce the production emissions since the beginning by nearly 50% for contributing to a sustainable future.

A visible difference 
The quality offensive for the three products is accompanied by a corresponding relaunch of the bag layout to match the exterior to the premium inner quality.

The new GEL Technology
leads to a particularly flexible surface and at the same time ensures faster and easier processing. The emission-reduced production method also makes them particularly sustainable.