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Baumit PuraColor

High quality acrylic facade paint with high coverage power and easy to apply.

Baumit ProColor is an organically bound and processing finished paint for interior and exterior usage. Baumit ProColor is extremely water-repellent, weather-resistant and permable. Additionally, it is easy to clean and easy in processing. Baumit PureColor is suitable for application to mineral and organically bound plasters as well as on fillers and concrete.

  • Easy workability

  • Low water absorbtion

  • Largest range of colors

Apply façade paint to the dry, clean substrate in two steps. Make the prime coat by the diluted paint Baumit StyleColor with 10 – 15 % water. After approx. 12 hours, depending on climate conditions, apply the second coat of undiluted paint using a brush or roller. If needed, the consistency of the paint can be adjusted using a small amount of water (max. 5 %).

Product Variants

app. 0.32
app. 15
Baumit PuraColor

Color Selection

All color samples shown serve as a visual guide to the chosen product. Test samples applied on the façade for approval prior to full application is recommended. Slight differences between colors shown here, color swatches, color folders, natural samples and the materials provided are possible due to production processes and cannot be claimed against. Color and texture uniformity can only be assured within a production batch. Please note: The structure and nature of the substrate may affect the actual color appearance.