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Baumit KlimaFino

Natural white, climate-regulating, lime putty

The natural white lime putty for use indoors, on concrete, lime, lime/cement and restoration plasters, manual application, to create a smooth surface with one or multiple coats. Can also be used on gypsum plasterboard when primed using Baumit ProtectPrimer. Grain size 0.1 mm.

  • Breathable, simple to apply

  • Smooth surface, good water vapour absorption

  • Comfortable indoor climate

Baumit KlimaFino

In order to achieve an even creamier consistency, leave Baumit FinoKlima to soak for 2 - 3 hours in advance, stir, and then mix again before use (approx. 8 hours application time/pot life).

20 kg bag
Amount of packaging on pallet:
Shelf life
12 Monate
app. 1.2ml/m² for a layer thickness of 1 mm
app. 6m²/bag for a layer thickness of 2-3 mm