Agency Wahrheit:
Truth will out.

And in this case, the truth (Wahrheit) is strutting its stuff on the catwalk. It relies on accurate research, clever design and creative communication.

Advertising does not lie

The truth (Wahrheit) and nothing but the truth. Advertising for products that do not need to hide the truth. Whether it is for insulating materials, adhesives or plastics, truth is the stock-in-trade here. Finding out the truth soon translates into customer loyalty. How? Through really striking, targeted advertising that boosts sales. In the best possible way. Because it tells the truth and nothing but the truth.

The whole truth

Truth (Wahrheit), or rather the German word for truth, "Wahrheit", is the name of an advertising agency belonging to Schmid Industrieholding. It is the creative member of the family. With a strong core team and external specialists, everyone at Wahrheit takes the truth very seriously. From corporate design to print advertising, packaging, radio and online campaigns to exhibition stands, Wahrheit provides everything for telling the truth.