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ETICS Baumit Star Resolution

Thermal insulating system
Baumit Star Resolution

The Baumit Star Resolution thermal insulation offers more space for life. The innovative insulating board with the thickness of 8 cm will provide your home with the same protection like a common thermal insulation with the thickness of 12 cm. It means the same thermal insulation effect with a 30% lower insulation thickness! The thermal insulation system can be combined with other insulations, if needed. Especially, if some specific problems occur at designing architectural details of reveals, flashing etc.

  • Thermal insulation better by 30 %
  • Lower thickness of insulant, more space for life
  • Solution for special requirement

Innovative material

Izolačné dosky Resolution

A closed cell structure of insulating boards Baumit StarTherm Resolution made of hardened resol foam allows to achieve excellent thermal insulating properties already at small thicknesses (thermal conductivity coefficient λD=0.022 W(m.K)). Raw material used for their manufacture belongs to the oldest and most known plastic materials, and it guarantees the high quality and long lifetime. Insulating boards from the thickness of 5 cm are equipped with a 3 mm layer of grey EPS from both sides, which allows for a simple and quick processing as at work with common EPS.

Slim system

Small thicknesses of insulating boards represent an advantage especially in case of limited space.

  • Details of reveals and flashing
  • Window sills, window blind cases
  • Insufficient space for use of big insulant thicknesses
  • Loggia

Baumit products

Composition of the system

Zateplenie Baumit Star Resolution
  1. Substrate

  2. Binding:Binding mortar Baumit StarContact White

  3. Insulating boardBaumit StarTherm Resolution

  4. Glass fibte mesh:Baumit StarTex

  5. Reinforcement layer:Baumit StarContact White

  6. Surface treatment:Baumit NanoporTop, StarTop, PuraTop, SilikonTop etc.

Accessories: Anchoring components such as Baumit Kotva S, Kotva STR U 2G and everything needed for thermal insulating systems (plinth profiles, profiles for designing details, expansion and angle profiles, or anchoring components).