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Thermal insulation of plinth

Thermal insulation of plinth

Proper thermal insulation depends also on well realized details. One of them is a correct thermal insulation of a building plinth.
If the thermal insulation contact system (ETICS) goes up to the terrain level, it is necessary to use thermal insulating boards XPS from polystyrene foam or thermal insulating boards EPS Perimeter to the height of min. 500 mm above the terrain level because of low absorbability. Mechanical anchoring by expansion anchors is required all the time.

Proper adhesive

Common substrate: On the common substrate, we bind insulating boards XPS or Perimeter by the adhesive screed Baumit StarContact White, StarContact or openContact.

Bitumen substrate: Use the adhesive Baumit SupraFix or Baumit BituFix 2K.

Plastering: Insulating boards XPS or Perimeter are plastered by the adhesive Baumit StarContact White, StarContact or openContact.

Lepidlá na soklové izolačné dosky

Composition of plinth thermal insulation

Skladba zateplenia sokla
  1. Substrate:In many cases, the substrate consists of bitumen insulation.

  2. Binding:Baumit SupraFix, Baumit BituFix 2K

  3. Insulant:Façade insulating boards XPS-P pr EPS Perimeter

  4. Reinforcement layer: adhesive plaster Baumit StarContact White or StarContact with inserted glass fibre mesh Baumit StarTex

  5. Façade plaster:Baumit StarTop, SilikonTop, MosaikTop, NanoporTop. In case of application on the adhesive plaster StarContact White, penetration is not needed. If using StarContact, penetrate the substrate in advance by Baumit PremiumPrimer or UniPrimer.

  6. Additional water protection:Water-proofing grey paint Baumit FlexProtect

  7. Baumit planted moulding on the plinth profile with beak
  8. Sealing tape or wipeable flexible cement
  9. Protection foil

Plinth details

According to the type of construction and architecture, the plinth can be made in several ways. Plinth recessed, continuous, founded on a mounting plate – you can find a technical detail of each.

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