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Thermal Insulation System Baumit Open

Thermal Insulation System Baumit Open

An important role in ensuring a comfortable living and healthy climate in the house is played by thermal insulation. In a correctly insulated house, there is comfortable warmth in the house in the winter, the house is protected from heat in the summer and there is a balanced indoor climate throughout the year without major fluctuations.

  • Highly permeable thermal insulation system
  • Optimal indoor climate for a comfortable living
  • Insulation for every facade, new building and reconstruction

Cool at all times

Baumit open positively influences the indoor climate and brings warmth in winter and summer. Even in a well-built dry house, a four-person family produces up to 20 L of water per day in normal household operation. The high vapor permeability of the Baumit open thermal insulation system greatly helps to eliminate this operating humidity without undue heat loss. The system has the same vapour permeability as a brick masonry and thus forms, together with brick masonry, a homogeneous, highly diffused open casing of the house that permanently permeates excess water vapor from the interior outwardly.

Do not worry about the insulation of older buildings

Due to the special properties of the Baumit openContact adhesive, it is possible to insulate older buildings with increased moisture and salt content in the masonry. After removing moist and damaged plaster, after removing the causes of moisture, the additional hydro insulation can be done by insulating the house. The Baumit open system continuously removes moisture and any salts in the masonry are deposited in the space between the masonry and the insulating board. With Baumit open insulation, you can also insulate older buildings, protect them from adverse climatic conditions and extend their life span.

System solution
Baumit open insulation consists of mutually compatible, diffusion open components of the highest quality.

The heart of the system are the facade insulation boards based on polystyrene. High vapour permeability is ensured by a patented system of holes in the insulator, which ensure rapid drainage of water vapour from the structure. The air enclosed in the openings after proper adhesion and coating contributes to effective thermal insulation. The "perforated" polystyrene thus isolates as well as the insulator without perforation, but has a multi-pass ability to pass the water vapour through. The advantage is its simple processing and a favorable price when compared to mineral insulating boards.
An alternative to white insulating panels are the gray insulating panels Baumit open reflect with infrared absorbers and reflectors, which allow for a better insulation effect of more than 23%.

The white high viscosity adhesive Baumit openContact adhesive is very flexible and weather-resistant. It has excellent processing properties.

Surface treatment Baumit NanoporTop is extremely resistant to dirt and algae formation.

Composition of thermal insulation

  1. Base - new masonry or original base
  2. Anchoring - adhesive anchors Baumit StarTrack bring many advantages: no thermal bridges, no blurs in he place of plates of split anchors, one type of anchors for different thickness of insulant.
  3. Adhesive - the white adhesive Baumit openContact, high viscosity, flexible and weather-resistant with excellent processing properties.
  4. Insulating boards - Baumit open reflect, gray insulating boards with reflection layer alternatively open Plus, gray insulating boards or white open Therm
  5. Reinforcing layer - adhesive smoothing Baumit ProContact with inserted glass-textile grid Baumit StarTex
  6. Penetrating coating - Baumit UniPrimer or PremiumPrimer
  7. Facade plaster - Baumit NanoporTop, extremely resistant to dirt and algae or Baumit openTop render