Why to use ETICS

Why to insulate your house

Pleasant living and healthy climate – those are qualities which make a home from a common house and bring among four walls a feeling of comfort and safety. Thermal insulation plays and important role here. With thermal insulation, you are at home always in good hands.

Perfect protection

Thermal insulation Baumit acts as perfect protection of bearing constructions of the accommodation area. Masonry is protected against influence of weather, emergence of must on internal wall surfaces; the peripheral coat is without thermal bridges, cracks and damages.

Advantages of thermal insulation. Decide right!

Príjemné teplo v zime
Stay warm in the winter

Insulation protects your house and keeps heat where it is needed. At the same time, the massive walls in the interior accumulate heat and then radiate it back.

Príjemný chládok v lete
Stay cool in the summer

Thermal insulation acts as a shield of your home in the summer - prevents overheating of the masonry, leaving the air in the interior pleasantly cool.

Three rules for a healthy home

There are three major decisions to be made when building a healthy home.

Hrúbka izolantu na zateplenie
How much insulation do you need?

Use our calculator to find out what thickness of insulation you need for your masonry to meet the standard requirements.


Financial savings

Úspora energií pri zateplení

Thermal insulation in two ways. During cold months by eliminating of thermal losses lowers the costs of heating, during hot months it lowers to minimum the need of using air conditions. By thermal insulation of your home, you save more than 50% of energy costs.

Rationally chosen bearing masonry in combination with correctly designed thermal insulation system brings to the investor significant savings of realization costs, safer plastering of interiors without special demands on plastering system and safe resolving of details.

Effective and responsible construction

You can reach thermal protection of the interior in case of the system "bearing wall + thermal insulation" by smaller overall thickness of the peripheral construction; this may in practice e.g. at ca. 200 m2 of built-up area represent up to 4 m2 of usable area in addition. The user will be pleased by more usable area for accommodation, the investor by higher effectiveness of the investment, especially in cities with expensive building land.

Baumit thermal insulation systems do not only save energies, but they also effectively contribute to protection of environment. Thanks to decreased consumption of energy both in summer and winter, the CO2 emissions drop down by more than 50%. In this way, thermal insulation allows responsible approach to one’s own accommodation today as well as to life of our children in the future.