Life Challenge 2024

“Market in Pécs” Triumphs: Europe’s Most Beautiful Façade of 2024

In a celebration of architectural excellence, the winners of the Life Challenge Award were unveiled in Ljubljana on May 23, 2024. An international jury of experts voted for the best facade and awarded six category winners from among over 300 submissions. At a grand event with around 500 guests, the most beautiful façades from across Europe were honored.





Winner: Market in Pécs

The Mediterranean city of Hungary was once a Roman settlement. Stylistic features of the Roman basilica and Oriental bazaar were combined. The arched, slender design with glass on one side, resembles a basilica, and the continuous interior area is reminiscent of the hustle and bustle of the bazaars.

RECAP 2024: Discover the highlights of the award giving ceremony

The Baumit Life Challenge 2024 in Ljubljana was a celebration of architectural excellence and innovation. This prestigious event brought together outstanding buildings that pushed the boundaries of design and construction. From avant-garde structures to sustainable marvels, each project showcased the limitless possibilities in modern architecture.