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Thermal insulation with polystyrene boards

Thermal insulation by polystyrene

  • Good insulating properties
  • Easy manipulation and processing thanks to low density
  • Vapour permeable
  • Lower costs for material and work
  • Harmless
  • Environment friendly
  • In case of new constructions, it can be applied without any additional anchoring

Manufacture of polystyrene and the environment

Polystyrene belongs to the group of foam plastic materials. It is manufactured from styrene by actuation of water vapour and foaming agent, and thus it is called also a polystyrene foam. Only little energy is consumed at its manufacture, and no other waste is produced.
Polystyrene itself contains app. 98 % of air. EPS represents only 1 % of the total average of municipal waste. Thus, polystyrene is environmentally friendly and recyclable.
Choose only high-quality certified products with CE. On the market, you can meet with new marking of polystyrene, i.e. airpop®.

Polystyrene types

For contact thermal insulating systems, we use façade polystyrenes marked by the grade F.
The mostly used insulant in civil engineering is the white polystyrene.
The new generation are grey insulating boards that, thanks to the content of infrared absorbents (graphite particles). achieve more than 23 % better thermal insulating properties. Some grey insulating boards are coated by a reflective light layer for better processing.
Innovative perforated insulating boards Baumit open achieve excellent vapour permeable properties thanks to the patented system of openings.

Biely polystyrén
šedý polystyrén

Choose thermal insulation from the Baumit systems

Baumit open

Zateplenie Baumit open
  • Highly vapour-permeable thermal insulation
  • White and grey insulating boards
  • For faster drying of construction

Baumit Star EPS

Zateplenie Baumit Star EPS
  • White and grey insulating boards

  • Application of face stucco without bonding primer

Baumit Pro

Zateplenie Baumit Pro
  • Quality for good price

  • White insulating boards

  • Favourite thermal insulation of professionals, simple processing