House No. 1

House No. 1

House No. 1

Overall performance

House No. 1

Research House No. 1 was built from prefabricated concrete parts and has external insulation. A dispersion putty and paint were used as the interior coating.

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Due to the high storage mass, the house showed very good heat storage behaviour and, in combination with the thermal insulation used, offered good protection against overheating in summer and against rapid cooling down in winter. The relatively low storage capacity of the inner coating resulted in low moisture buffering.

House description

Wall material: Concrete
Wall thickness: 18 cm
Inner plaster: -
Inner coating (paint): Baumit Divina Classic
Insulation thickness: 14 cm

Building phisycal parameters

Protection against overheating in the summer
Heat storage
Moisture buffering
Fluctuation of the inner surface temperature

phisycal parameters

Sound proofing
Room acoustics
Absorption of high frequency electromagnetic fields
Noticeable Odour
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