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Winners of the Life Challenge Award 2021

Out of 36 nominations from 16 countries the architects' jury selected winners in six categories and one main winner. Find the complete list attached.


Life Challenge 2021 - The finalists for the best European Baumit Façade are nominated

The Baumit Life Challenge is a competition, where the best façades of Europe, done with Baumit systems, are awarded. A jury of 13 international architects has nominated 36 finalists in 6 categories from 26 countries.


Healthy living means solid construction

Solid walls, as well as solid ceilings and floors, can be externally protected with good thermal insulation so they store heat in the winter and keep the coolness in the house in summer. The more mass, the more effective the storage and the more stable, pleasant and healthy the indoor climate.


Health is in the air

People now inhale up to 13.5 kg of indoor air and 1.5 kg of fresh air per day – with such large quantities, the quality of the air is vitally important. Air humidity, purity and temperature have a crucial impact on our quality of life, and consequently our health.


Warm walls guarantee a cosy life inside

Good thermal insulation not only makes a significant contribution to the energy efficiency of your building, but also ensures pleasantly warm walls in winter and pleasantly cool walls in summer. The living space thus becomes a comfortable space with no draughts. Living becomes more comfortable and healthy.


Baumit selects the European facade of the year 2018

36 finalists from 26 Baumit countries attended the Grand Final, which took place on 14 June at the Slovak Philharmonic in Bratislava. An international jury of leading architects selected the six category winners and the overall winner of the Baumit Life Challenge. As in 2014, Spain won the top prize “Life Challenge Award 2018” again.


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