Schmid Industrieholding

We are Family

Schmid Industrieholding:
an International Family Company

SIH, as the umbrella company of Baumit Beteiligungsgesellschaft and many other successful companies, is much more than a group, it is a private company with a long-standing tradition at the forefront of progress. Its motto is "respect your roots, maintain continuity and identify opportunities".

Where once a lime kiln operated, today a family business has headquarters that are second to none. And as in every family, Schmid Industrieholding is full of real people made of flesh and blood.

First of all, there is Baumit co-founder Friedrich Schmid, a trustworthy old-school pioneer, prepared to take risks, but with an unerring feel for stable growth. Then there is his son, Robert Schmid, who has successfully managed the company operations of Schmid Industrieholding since 2009. His guiding principle is to produce sustainable, innovative products that benefit both people and the environment.

An international family

Today, Schmid Industrieholding comprises around 100 companies and strategic holdings. More than 5,700 dedicated employees work for the holding company and its objectives in Austria and 26 other countries in Europe and Asia, but above all they work for its customers. The first venture outside of Europe was in China in 2005, and in 2008, the first production of dry mortar products in Asia began in Turkey.

A focus on people

The success of Schmid Industrieholding is based on a fundamental principle: "People are always at the heart of everything we do". Employees, customers and partners can always count on the highest possible level of support. Within the company, great emphasis is placed on team spirit. Every employee is an ambassador for this special spirit that has made the company great.

Sustainable growth

The will to succeed, a willingness to make the most of synergies and the potential to realise visions opens up new opportunities: Schmid Industrieholding companies establish themselves in new markets as competent partners demonstrating high standards. The members of the holding company are finding appropriate solutions to meet growing demand and increasing quality awareness, especially in Eastern Europe. A service-oriented mindset, responsible actions and practical innovations ensure a decisive advantage. Working together with partners to shape the future is, and remains, the stated goal of the holding company.